New Filters: Haida ND Set and Hoya Polarizer

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By Johannes Wienke

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Since October or November I own a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens and since then I never had filters for that lens. This situation changed now, as better weather should be here soon. After some research I decided to buy the “cheap” Haida neutral density filters instead of much more expensive “real” ones. I had Haida ND filters before, and yes, they had some color casting. However, the ones I got now are the second revision (PRO II MC) and color casts should be better with these ones, at least some sources say. There are not that many reviews for the new generation, so far and I didn’t have time to test them during the week, but at least I managed to get some photos of the filters.

Haide ND Filter Set
Haida ND Filter Set Open

In addition to the ND filters I also bought a new polarizer. This time a bit more expensive: Hoya HD circular polarizer.

Hoya Polarizer

Now I only need good weather for the landscape work to start again. ;)