Recent Work: Corporate Headshots for My University Workgroup

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By Johannes Wienke

Recently we revamped the homepage of my workgroup, the Applied informatics Group, at Bielefeld University. For this process I created new headshots for (nearly) all group members. You can find them here:

Screenshot of the Applied Informatics Workgroup Homepage

The general idea was to have kind of a classic corporate headshot that is easily reproducible as members come and go. Moreover, I wanted to incorporate a few aspects of our new research building. The resulting setup was quite easy in the end. One of the long hallways, softbox on one side, reflector on the other and the flash gelled to increase the green color of the fluorescent lights in that hallway, as green is the signature color of the university. I had to use the fluorescents as I could not light the whole hallway artificially without annoying all colleagues working there. So I had to balance the flash power with the available light, which resulted in some green color casts on the heads. I fixed these in post.