Marrakesh & Essaouira

Impressions from a trip to Morocco in May 2019

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By Johannes Wienke

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This is a collection of photos from a one-week trip to Marrakesh and Essaouira in May 2019.

The Souks of Marrakesh

Spices at a souk in Marrakesh

A common sight are the artfully presented spices, herbs, nuts or color pigments. Sometimes, you can spot some fake ones though.

Spices at a souk in Marrakesh

Shadow Patterns

Most of the narrow market streets are covered by a wooden construction to act as a sun shade. This results in the very typical shadow patterns found in those streets throughout daytime.

Shadow patterns in the soukds

Pottery, Clothing, and Other Goods

Pottery, clothing and other accessories can be found as well.

Bread at a souk
Shoes at a souk

Bahia Palace

Another famous attraction of Marrakesh is Bahia Palace, a collection of impressive yards and buildings from the end of the 19th century. During opening times, this palace is constantly packed with tourists. The photo below is a composite from 10 shots over 20 minutes and still I wasn’t able to get rid of all tourists in all places.

Bahia Palace without people

A wooden roof in Bahia Palace.

A wooden roof in Bahia Palace

Saadian Tombs

Interior of Saadian Tombs

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Starting in the evening hours, the main square of the Medina in Marrakesh fills up with tourists and various opportunities for them to spend money. Outdoor restaurants fill the place with smoke, orange juice sellers try to grab your attention, and snake charmers are trying to earn some money.

Jeema el-Fnaa in the evening

Before sunset, people assemble in one of the roof top restaurants along the borders of the square to get a good view on the scene. Be early enough to get a good table. Below are some views on the square from Cafe de France and Cafe Glacier.

Night-Time Entertainment on Jemaa el-Fnaa

Activites on Jeema el-Fnaa at night

Jardin Majorelle

Tourists at Jardin Majorelle

The most famous attraction in Marrakesh, located outside of the Medina. A nice garden, but not extremely impressive to my mind. A good opportunity for photos is the blue building inside the garden, though.

Window in a blue wall at Jardin Majorelle
A heart with names scratched into a bamboo at Jardin Majorelle

Getting a View from the Secret Gardens

Roofs, the tower of Koutoubia mosque and a glimpse of the Atlas mountains in the back.
Roofs, the tower of Koutoubia mosque and a glimpse of the Atlas mountains in the back.


In contrast to the big and hot Marrakesh, Essaouira is a little town at the coast with a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable temperatures.

The skyline of Essaouira at daytime.

The Streets of Essaouira

City of Sea Gulls

Especially at the harbor, Essaouira is without doubt a city full of sea gulls.

A sea gull in front of the Essaouira skyline.

The Harbor

The most crowded and busy area is definitely the harbor with many small blue fishing boats and fisherman trying to sell the fresh fish. Without cooling, the smell can sometimes be overwhelming here.

A fishing boat entering Essaouira harbor in the evening hours.

The Skyline

The most iconic part of Essaouira is definitely its skyline with the Medina surrounded by city walls raising high above the ocean.

A fishing boat in front of the skyline of Essaouira.

The Souks of Essaouira

Of course, also Essaouira has markets and shopping streets inside the Medina. In contrast to Marrakesh, people are more relaxed here and you have a lot more time to take a look at their goods before they start talking to you.

Another view of the skyline of Essaouira