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  • A trip to South Korea

    In October I visited the robotics conference IROS 2016 in Daejeon, South Korea. Afterwards, I spent a few more days to explore the country and take some photos. It took some time, but finally I finished to go through all of them and a selection from this trip is now online.

  • Portfolio Update and Vietnam

    Time is passing and the number of taken photos is increasing. Therefore, I updated the portfolio to include more recent photos. These include trips to Vietnam, Peak District, UK and Saxon Switzerland, Germany.

  • My Photo on a Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

    A few months ago a local toy shop (Teddy Toys) contacted me and asked for permissions to use one of my photos of our local castle “Burg Sparrenberg”. They intended to create a jigsaw puzzle representing Bielefeld. The jigsaw should be produced by Ravensburger Spiele, probably the best known producer of jigsaw puzzles in Germany.

  • New Site with New Technology

    I finally took some time to completely rebuild my photography portfolio. The complete site is recreated from scratch with new technology and improved layout ideas.

  • Speedlight Color Temperature Differences

    While creating a simple product shot for selling one of my lenses I recently noticed a quite visible color difference between the two speedlights I have been using:

  • Portfolio Update

    I took some time to update the portfolio section. Some new photos are now included.

  • Recent Work: Corporate Headshots for my University Workgroup

    Recently we revamped the homepage of my workgroup, the Applied informatics Group, at Bielefeld University. For this process I created new headshots for (nearly) all group members. You can find them here:

  • Using Flash Softboxes with Triggers

    Many softboxes designed for hot shoe flashes suffer from the same problem: their mounting system for the flash does not cooperate well with longish flash triggers like the popular Yongnuo RF-602 or RF-603 and various others. As these triggers extends the flash to the front, they collide with screws or other parts of the mounting construction. I’ve seen some solutions proposing to build a custom metal bar to move the flash up, but actually there are two simple ways that don’t require any custom parts at all.

  • Tethered Shooting for Macro Photography

    In this post I will introduce tethered shooting as a handy tool for macro photography and will briefly review and compare some of the available software packages realizing tethered shooting.
  • New Lens: AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm F/2.8G ED

    Since I switched to Nikon from my old and rusty Olympus E-510 I have been lacking a macro lens. Moreover, my primary portrait lens, the AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D, is already bit long on my crop sensor in confined spaces. So I wanted a little less longer portrait lens and a macro lens. And what I tried two weeks ago was killing these two bird with one stone: I bought the AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm F/2.8G ED, which is a macro lens with a portrait-ready focal length and a F2.8 aperture.

  • Spyder 4 Monitor Calibration and Ambient Light Influences

    Today I had to recalibrate my monitor again as the last calibration had been some time ago.  Since I own a Spyder 4 calibration device I always had some trouble with inconsistencies between different calibration runs and this was also the case today. One time the calibration resulted in a green tint, the next time a bit less and another time even in a bit of a red tint. After googling around I found a possible candidate for explaining this issue: ambient light.

  • Simple but more resistant DIY aluminium foil reflector

    Since some time I kept a small piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminium foil in my camera bag as an always-with-me reflector, e.g. for flower photography. This is a well known thing and the effect is great. However, I had the problem that the aluminium foil is not very resistant and after some time starts peel off the cardboard. So I was thinking how to make things a bit more resilient with stuff available in the household.

  • Handheld Nighttime Photography

    During a recent business trip to Grenoble, France I had a short amout of time to visit the remarkable landmark “La Bastille”, which is a fortress in the mountains overlooking the city of Grenoble. With the time constraints and the bad weather I didn’t bring my tripod with me but actually the twilight turned out to be quite pleasing, so I had to challenge the high-ISO capabilities of my Nikon D7000 as well as my hands. The results are actually quite usable with some amount of lightroom denoising:

  • New Filters: Haida ND Set and Hoya Polarizer

    Since October or November I own a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens and since then I never had filters for that lens. This situation changed now, as better weather should be here soon. After some research I decided to buy the “cheap” Haida neutral density filters instead of much more expensive “real” ones. I had Haida ND filters before, and yes, they had some color casting. However, the ones I got now are the second revision (PRO II MC) and color casts should be better with these ones, at least some sources say. There are not that many reviews for the new generation, so far and I didn’t have time to test them during the week, but at least I managed to get some photos of the filters.

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